Friday, June 15, 2007

wikitrials v0.2

Hello and welcome to the wikitrails blog.

Wikitrails is still in the early development stages but needs your help to improve it. Your suggestion and comments will help make this site into a useful resource for all outdoor enthusiasts.

Initially the site is aimed at mountain bike trails but will expand into other outdoor activities, such as: Hiking, 4x4, Quad biking, Rock climbing, Canoeing, Hang gliding, Paragliding, Kloofing, Scuba diving, surfing, kite-surfing/windsurfing.

The following are some features which are planned to be included on the site.

Search for a trail
- sort trails based on distance from a point
- filter results based on cost, good cellphone reception, etc
- filter results based on free text search.

Pictures - upload your pictures of the trail

GPS data - waypoints/breadcrumbs of trails for you to follow.

User preference - remembers home town.

Clustering of points on the map at higher zooms - will only be an issue when there are more trails.